Our Users

Thanks to the Support of Our Users. We Continue to Grow and Do Better.

Since the early stage of the product, MetaLocker™ BioFlash Drive™ has been advised, tested and used by scientists in different locations internationally. Here are some users we want to thank for supporting us since the early stage of the product (One or multiple scientists from following organizations advised, tested and/or used our products extensively).

Yale University

University of Maryland

Duke University

University of Pennsylvania

Guangzhou Medical University

South China University of Technology

Shenzhen Yikangtailai Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Improve Medical Co., Ltd.

Beijing Guokemingfang Co., Ltd.

And we want to give special acknowledgement to the following scientists for supporting us in our research:

You-Wen He, MD, PhD | Professor of Immunology | Duke University  (Biography)

Sourav Ghosh, PhD | Associate Professor of Pharmacology | Yale University (Biography)

Jeffry B. Stock. PhD | Professor of Molecular Biology | Princeton University (Biography)


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