Store and Share

Store and Share Your Lab, Your Life

BioUSB™ is the APP component of our products. It can help scientists to record and organize samples and related information, find lab items and notes instantly, and have fun with your fellow teammates.

Awesome Lab, Awesome APP

Organize your lab better

Find what you want in a second

Share your lab with your colleagues

Lab, but also Life.

With BioUSB™, you can not only store and share your samples with your colleagues, but also your notes and what's happening in your lab. Tap and send. That's it!

A Happier and More Efficient Lab

90% of users think that our products help their labs become more organized and collaborative.

Start using BioUSB™ today!

Paired with

Our BioUSB™ APP?

Pair your MetaLocker™ BioFlash Drive™ with our BioUSB™ APP. We will turn your lab experience into a fun and rewarding exploration.


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